QuickBooksPhoneSupportNumber is dedicated towards privacy policy for the customers and users and the below listed points impart a detail information of the company.

Customers Details Assembled by QBPSN

When you land to the QBPSN website and show your interest in the products and services that are offered, the details you provide during this process get stored within the highly secured servers. The data stored in the servers comprise of confidential data like complete name, address (present and permanent), email id, contact number, birthday date, credit card detain as it is required for billing purposes. You also need to provide the date of expiry and the CVV number for processing the billing, which is saved in the server. When the customer makes the final purchase of the software product or service some of more details are asked to the user for e.g. in regards with their business size and sector that is further used to activate the program. The professionals may also ask other crucial details to accord a better purchase experience to the user, which usually revolves around the device used for buying and users current location.

Policy for Children

QBPSN is not involved in fetching and saving details of the customers below 13 years of age. It does not comply with our set of privacy policy. In case it happens that such information is collected unintentionally it will be deleted right at the moment. If you want to know more about the children policy you can visit the website of the Government’s regulatory body.

Connection, Newsletters and Email

At QBPSN the hired professionals for the respective services use all your contact details like email id to mail/post you newsletters at regular intervals to keep you updated about the eventual changes that are made in the website under refund policy, terms & conditions and privacy policy that directly or indirectly affect your linking with us. Furthermore you may be communicated via email for sending the promotional offers and deals for your desired products.

Sharing & Data Retention

QBPSN has the authority to hold the provided by the customer till the time the tasks are yet to finish or the data acquired have some legal influence. You are guaranteed full privacy for the information you have shared and that no data will be further shared with any third party agencies until there is no legal notice proved. If there is any legal notice related to criminal issues or other civil issues QBPSN is compelled to share the data.

Safety and Security

Top class security is assured to all the personal data that you have provided us that comprise of confidential credit card details, birth date of the customer, residential address, contact number etc. These details are required during registration and while fill up the order form. Excellent encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is involved to safeguard all the information provided by you to us.

Third Party Links

QBPSN is obligated to have all the links and applications of third party agencies. The Privacy policy and the details mentioned in the website is not displayed and not similar to the website.

Eventual Modifications & Adjustments

For any forthcoming changes to be made in the Privacy policy of QBPSN is within the full rights of the company. Moreover the amendments in the Privacy Policy will be notified to the customers through the provided email id.