The page Terms and Conditions explain the legal and privacy notices about the entire process of data collection, using it and safeguarding your personal details on our website QuickBooksPhoneSupportNumber.

1. Acceptance of the Terms

You agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use once you access the website and are bound to agree all the rules & regulations, laws. All the product and services mentioned in the website is shielded by applicable copyright and trade mark law.

2. Work Engaged by Terms & Conditions

When you sign the terms and conditions, QuickBooksPhoneNumberSupport will engage in job as particularized in it. If you fail to sign the Terms & Conditions document and provide other written or electronic authorization to proceed with, it will be considered acknowledgement herein.

3. Persons Attempt the Work

An authorized supervisor will be responsible to finish up your work effectively. Other appropriately qualified staff may undertake particular tasks under supervision. Work of an administrative nature will be undertaken by our support staff.

4. Our Accountability

We attempt the specified work with professional skills and alertness, and will put our effort to keep you updated with the work progress.

5. Total Fees and Costs

All the attempts and skills involved is to accord you accurate estimate at the same time do not take it as a fixed quote or cap. The estimate may be higher or lower depending on the nature of work and time involved to complete it. The total cost is excluding of additional costs or disbursements.

***Additional costs refer to professional fees and GST that you agree to pay all costs incurred by us, comprising of the administrative uplift charges or charges to reflect the cost of providing these services to you.

6. Accounts & Provisional Fees

As per payment terms it is 14 days and itemized accounts will be attached once the work is completed or at intervals if the work nature is complex and long time is needed to complete it. A payment plan might be offered that incorporates direct debit payment authority.

7. Payment Mode

With this you agree to pay all the due amounts in the specified time frame only if agreed in writing by a representative of the QuickBooksPhoneNumberSupport after 30 days.

11. Breach

If you are breaching these Terms and Conditions QBPSN can sue for money owing if you fail to pay for any goods or services on the due date or breached the conditions and failed to mend within the notice period or commit bankruptcy or permit a judgment to be enforced against you or your property.

12. Disputes

In case the work we deliver in incorrect and you prove that the information provided by you was correct we will redo and correct it accordingly within 14 days of the date of notification without any added costs implied. For any other issue you must notify your reason/s in writing within 14 days after the work is delivered.

14. Destroy Work Files

After completion of seven years to the completion of the work we will destroy your files permanently.

15. Termination of Agreement

There are chances of termination of the agreement, if a conflict of interest arises midway or if you: Breach the agreement criteria; fail to provide adequate instructions, fail to pay accounts when due or provide money to be paid into our Trust Account.

16. Seek Advice

Garner independent advice if you are willing to relate to the agreement before you sign it to ensure you are through with the terms and conditions.

17. Right to Enhance Terms and Conditions

All the rights to enhance/improve the terms and conditions are reserved by giving you a written notice of the amended clauses to your postal address or email address mentioned on the agreement. You are allowed to accept the changed Terms and Conditions until & unless you provide a written notification to us within seven days.

18. Set-off

You must agree when we set-off any credit amount that we owe to your business against any debt due by you to us at our sole discretion or you are not designated to withhold payment in respect of any alleged set-off or claim against us.

19. Severance and Waiver

In case any section of the agreement is void, unlawful, or unenforceable then that particular section will be considered to be severed from the agreement. The waiver of our rights under this agreement must be in written and signed by an authorized representative of the QBPSN.

20. Cloud Security

You acknowledge that you are responsible for the security of your computer and the information stored on any third party systems accessible from cloud. You are responsible to follow the right measures to ensure tight data security. QuickBooksPhoneSupportNumber.

21. SMS Alerts Authorization

By accessing this website, it gives rights to Accounts pro and its affiliates to send SMS alerts relating to updates, promotions etc.